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  • Miracle Bar Clamp

    $68.00 +gst

    New replacement pivotal clamp for the Miracle Bar®.
    Cast aluminium block with rubber grip pads.
    Fits any size bar 42mm, 48mm or 60mm.


  • Reptec Quick Hitch

    $1,050.00 +gst

    A strong, heavy duty, Cat 2, Quick Hitch that is designed, constructed and tested to last for years.

  • Health & Safety Cabinets

    $608.70 +gst

    These large orange health and safety cabinets are $608.70 + GST


    Please contact us for these other options:

    • Lockable drug cabinet $608.70 + GST
    • Small grey health and safety cabinets  $400.00 + GST enquire.
  • Bird scarer – Shed kit

    $545.00 +gst

    The Bird Buster, bird scarer, bird deterrent alarm system.

    The shed alarm is designed to help prevent birds nesting in the confines of small workshops, open or closed bay implement sheds, barns, canopies , small aircraft hangers, car sheds etc.

    The Bird Busters Shed Kit can be powered by 240 volt mains power or a 12 volt battery. It is a loud audible alarm that emits a series of short blasts followed by a screech that imitates a bird in distress. The sound operates within a random 6 minute cycle. A 24 hour timer is included in the kit to allow for controlled time settings. Extensive tests have shown that the noise does not effect most farm animals like sheep, cows, lambs, dogs, horses and bobby calves.

    Each kit consists of a 24 hr timer, control box, power adaptor, 30 meter of wiring and 2 sirens. Cable ties are also included for easy installation. Full instruction are provided.

    Also see our Dairy Shed Kit option. For larger buildings, a shed extension kit can be added to the standard shed kit.

  • Bird scarer – Tractor kit

    $355.00 +gst
    The Bird Buster, bird scarer, bird deterrent alarm system.

    This bird alarm is designed to scare birds from nesting around warms areas of tractors and/or implements, ie engines, turbos, manifolds and radiators etc. It operates on 12 Volts and can be powered by connecting direct to the battery. A 24 volt adaptor kit is available on request.

    This kit is being widely used as a bird deterrent not only on tractors, but also in harvesters, horsetrucks, farm utes, diggers, bulldozers, etc.

    Each kit consists of a control box, power leads, single siren with provision to add a second siren, cable ties for easy installation and instruction sheet.

    Price excludes freight where applicable.

  • Parts for repairs

    Lots of parts instore to help you with running repairs. Bearings, seals, orings, grease nipples, chains, circlips, mower blades & bolts, tractor parts, tow balls, trailer parts, tines and much more. Call in and see us or give us and ring.

  • Hand Grip For Miracle Bar®

    $14.00 +gst

    Replacement rubber hand grip for the Miracle Bar®.
    Fits all 3 bar sizes. 42mm, 48mm and 60mm.

  • Cotter Pins For Miracle Bar®

    2 x replacement cotter pins for securing the pivot clamp and the angle bracket to the Miracle Bar®.

    304 Stainless Steel.

    Fits all sizes of Miracle Bar®. 42mm 48mm and 60mm.

  • Replacement Miracle Bar Angle Bracket

    $23.00$27.00 +gst

    42mm: Replacement Angle Bracket for the 42mm Miracle Bar®.
    This angle bracket will also convert a 48mm Bar to a 42mm.

    48mm: Replacement  Angle Bracket for the 48mm Miracle Bar®.
    This angle bracket will also convert a 42mm Bar to a 48mm.

    60mm: Replacement Angle Bracket for the 60mm Miracle Bar®.
    This angle bracket solely fits the 60mm Bar.

  • 42mm / 48 Miracle Bar® | Anti-Backing Bar

    $455.00 +gst

    The original Miracle Bar® is the optimum cattle restraint system and anti backing bar for Herringbone cowsheds. Providing an effective and user friendly alternative to chains or ropes the Miracle Bar® can also be used in vet races or cattle stalls.

  • Bale Feeder Cradle

    $900.00 +gst

    Measurements : 1.7 x 1.4 x .900 high

    Use our standard measurements designed to fit standard hay or silage bales for cattle. Or contact us for individual designs manufactured to suit your requirements – pricing will vary with design alterations.

  • Bale Wrap Holder

    Custom designed price on application. Enquire today.

  • Cattle Crush

    Custom designed cattle crush price available on application – make an enquiry today.

  • Levelling Bar

    $4,500.00 +gst

    Professionally Engineered heavy duty 3 metre wide levelling bar

    Fitted with double sided replaceable hardened cutting blade

    Standard 3 point tractor mount with 28.5 mm plough arm pins, with a top link suitable for contouring raceways and land development.

    Dimensions 3mx1.4m x 1m

    Weight approx. 480 kgs


    $5,130.00 +gst

    A professionally constructed Rubber tyre roller. Manufactured from heavy wall RHS for the chassis, with well designed end plates, and bearing support system.