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healthy soil for spring cultivation

Key steps to soil health and spring cultivation.

Increasingly customers are demanding their food is produced in a sustainable way and where animal welfare implications are considered. Meeting the expectations of consumers in these aspects is becoming increasingly important. Soils are an incredibly important part of farming and in order to farm sustainably into the future, we need to manage and maintain soil health to prevent soil related issues such as erosion, excess nutrients, contamination and loss .
Silage for winter feeding out of cattle

Winter Feeding Tips for Cattle.

Some useful tips for maximising your winter feeding options including getting the best our of you fodder beet crops, reducing waste in your silage and maintaining good soil and water quality. Fodder Beet Crops – Maximising Growth Some research has shown that cattle growth rates on fodder beet crops can be maximised by leaving  behind 25 per cent of the crop at each break shift.  Interestingly cattle are seen .