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dairy cow at back gate

Annual servicing of your backing gates

The biggest problem that occurs with backing gates is that they get used too hard to push the cows up, causing damage to backing gates and possible derailment. They are not designed to be used as a bulldozer, they are designed to move cows up gently. Every year they should be serviced. For rectangular yard backing gates Rope Rope changed and tied correctly Wheels Wheels have tread on them .
Milking operation in a dairy shed

On farm safety and how we can help

We all know that the farm poses many risks which we are unable to mitigate but there are a few things in and around your dairy operation that we can help with. These include: Adjustments to your milking shed • Installing kick guards • Installing hand rails on steps • Providing a skirt around the platform or guard the rotary milking platform rollers. • Fixing leaks or weaknesses in .
Dairy Calf

Shed prep for calving.

In the lead up to calving its time to start thinking about maintenance of the shed, trailers and paddocks and feed equipment used during this busy time. Some top tips for a well-performing calf area design include: A north-facing shed will ensure full sun Solid walls between pens can ensure no pen intermingling and create easier cleaning. Feeders at front of pens to eliminate wet areas in bedding Good .

Winter Farm Checklist

Need help over winter with those farm maintenance tasks? We can help. Here are a few farm task that you may need assistance with over winter. Cattle yard Repairs Weigh scales & cattle crushes Drafting facilities Loading ramps & yards Guillotine gates Dairy Shed Repairs Shed repairs & maintainance Yard repairs and rebuilds Concrete pitting repairs Rotary Platforms, gearboxes, wheels Backing gate repairs and servicing Irrigation & Pump Repairs .
engineering dairy sheds

Dairy Shed Top and Backing Gates

Automated gates are common in modern dairy operations they reduce the need for extra man power and to improve the flow of cows through the dairy operation. The holding yard is one place where moving cows are not supervised by staff. In the absence of this supervision it is good to establish habitual cow movement. When an abnormal situation occurs, the gate stops and displays the appropriate warning message .
Silage for winter feeding out of cattle

Winter Feeding Tips for Cattle.

Some useful tips for maximising your winter feeding options including getting the best our of you fodder beet crops, reducing waste in your silage and maintaining good soil and water quality. Fodder Beet Crops – Maximising Growth Some research has shown that cattle growth rates on fodder beet crops can be maximised by leaving  behind 25 per cent of the crop at each break shift.  Interestingly cattle are seen .

Dairy shed and yard servicing

We provide dairy shed and yard servicing including: Platform Repairs, Drive wheels and Gearboxes, Yard Repairs and Rebuilds, Zig Zag railing, Shed Extension and Repairs, Pit Swing/Guillotine, Gates Supply, Repair and Parts, Backing Gate Repairs, Parts, We are also Service Agents for various brands of gates, Blades and Booms for all Yard cleaning systems and Gearboxes, Electric Motors and Wheels Concrete Cutting.